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About Us

O.H Degani Consultants is Orli & Hidai Degani.
After more than 14 years of experience working for different companies in Customer Experience, eCommerce, eGaming, Fintech, CRM & Loyalty, 6 relocations (and one cross-Europe trip), and countless struggles and successes along the way, we have decided it is time to share the knowledge & experience we accumulated over the years, and opened our global consultancy business, assisting people & companies, making their journey a little easier.

You can find us on our LinkedIn & Facebook company pages,
check out our detailed bio on Hidai's profile or Orli's profile,
 or just contact us with any query.

A few of the brands we worked with

Some Career Highlights

A few of our recommendations, taken from LinkedIn  

What Makes Us Different?

Where We Lived

Originally from Israel, for the past 14 years we were relocated to Gibraltar, London, Berlin, Malta and Ireland by different companies wishing to retain our services. 

During those years we worked with and travelled to most countries around Europe. 
You can follow our travels on our Map or Facebook.

What Can We Assist You With?

Digital Transformation
Digital Marketing

Career Management
CV Writing
LinkedIn Optimising
Job Search
Expat Life
Long Travels
Nomad Life
HR & Company Culture

It's all about finding the right solution that fits 

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