2 steps outside your comfort zone

Comfort zone and a little more.
Everyone who ever came to one of our workshops or courses heard either Hidai or me say this line - To continue to grow you always need to go a few steps outside your comfort zone. 

My comfort zone is inside of my computer.
I have a degree in economics, several certificates in coding and a lot of blog posts - all of which point to exactly the same conclusion - communication with people, especially of the talking kind, is way way way outside of my comfort zone.

When I started helping people with their CVs & LinkedIn I loved every minute of it, but I used to have to take 2 hours break between calls just so I could stop shaking. 
When I started giving talks and workshops I used to have to take the rest of the day off to recuperate, even if the talk was one hour long. To this day whenever we finish a workshop and the kids ask how it went, Hidai always says it was great and I am always sure it went horribly wrong. 

But growth is in those 2 steps outside the comfort zone.

So when Liz Dillon approached me a few months ago about appearing in her radio show - Conscious Living, I immediately panicked, ate about half a cake and then  blocked it from my mind for the next 3 months. 
When I realised that time does not stop moving even when you ignore it, I spent hours preparing my answers, only to have Liz ask me totally different questions on the day, and I had to take 2 days off after just to regain normal breathing. 

Liz said it was great. Hidai said it was great. The kids said it was great. 
And even though I know it was the right thing to do, and what I would have told every person I ever worked with, my 2 steps ended just shy of the ability to actually promote the interview. 

So I left it there, because it's a known fact that what you don't look at doesn't exist. But life's too short and fear is never a good enough reason to be a hypocrite, so here I am, writing this post for the fifth time in two months.

Though I've been trying for days, I don't have a clever way of introducing the interview, so I will just say this - this interview is me. It is about our story and our family and a little bit about our business, and it comes with all the weirdness and laughter and cake references (but if I am not mistaken, there is not even one laundry reference!). 

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