About tenders and being yourself

This week we submitted 3 strategic tenders.

Had I known how much time I will be spending writing tenders I would have never opened our company.

I absolutely, wholeheartedly and without a doubt, hate filling forms. It is the culmination of everything I don't do well - answering questions, attention to details, following instructions...
I married an obsessive, detail-oriented, amazing guy (see what I did there Hidai?) so I won't have to do any of these things.
And yet, somehow, I became head of form filling.
But I guess after 5 relocations and a child with special needs, I've become quite adept at filling forms.

And so I found myself at 2A.M adding yet another unnecessary but really cute image to the latest tender and it dawned on me, that though like in any official form you're supposed to answer specific questions, describe everything in detail, and bring more evidence than they ask for, the reason I don't mind being director-of-tenders, is that I can still be outside the box. Because, like I tell all the people I work with on job searching - there's really no reason not to. They'll figure it out anyway, and besides - why work with someone who doesn't appreciate who you really are?

So on each and every tender, I add blue headlines, orange bullet points and as many colourful, cute images as I can create.
And then I give it to the obsessive guy to check for commas.

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