Adaptability in Carlow

Whenever people hear about are love of moving around, one of the first things they say is how flexible and adaptable we are, and no one ever believes it when we say that we are really, really not.
Let me tell you what happened yesterday šŸ˜‚
In JuneĀ inCarlow | Carlow Local Enterprise OfficeĀ invitedĀ Hidai DeganiĀ and myself to do a face to face workshop about Digital marketing at the very lovely. It was all well and good, and apparently they were happy enough with us because they invited us back to do another workshop, this time about Digital tools.
Yesterday. At the same hotel.
Of course we said yes, after all a second time always means less stress, because it was all very familiar. Right?
So we made our way to Carlow and got to the hotel, and they put us in the same room as last time.
We were so happy.
Foolishly happy
As soon as we walked into the room it was a total disaster...
Someone had changed the layout of the room and swapped between the TV and the whiteboard.
And that was that.
We could not start the workshop until we switched it all back to the way it was last time.
Because that, and only that, is the correct way of doing things.
So yes, that's us, flexible and adaptable šŸ˜‚

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