Can you be "Too Digital"?

This week we got a no from a tender we submitted for a course about helping SMEs grow, because we were....
Wait for it...
Too focused on digital and marketing.

I, of course, took it in my usual calm and positive manner (total lie of course. Hidai did though), after all - it is not every day you get to practice what you preach, is it?
We keep telling all the business owners we work with - there are enough people, customers and organisations out there, and you only want to work with the ones who are happy with your values, way of thinking, and ways of working.

But talk is cheap, and the worth of these kind of sayings is only truly judged when things don't go your way.
So I guess we should be grateful for the no.
And though I wasn't calm, or positive when I read the email, I think I rather am.

But I still find myself flabbergasted as to how, in 2021, after everything the world has gone through in the last 18 months, after everything we learnt, after everything that changed, you can say that the key for growth for any business in any location, but especially SMEs and especially in rural areas, is bookkeeping and not digital, networking and marketing?

(Doughnuts and a walk around the Dun Laoghaire pier are our new coping mechanism. It works rather well)


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