Chasing the algorithm

Chasing the algorithm

So the rising covid numbers, together with (as of yet) unvaccinated teens and the heatwave forced us to change our plans and spend the weekend at home watching Space Jam 2.

And though it won't make it into the (admittedly short) list of film to watch again, and there are some things there we can't understand (I was sure it was still Toons. When did it got changed to Tunes??),
I have to admit it reminded me quite a bit of my life right now - working in the digital space (jam) and especially with social media platforms like LinkedIn, it seems that just like in the movie, the algorithm is running everything.

Maybe that's what my favourite character was Mr. Al G. Rhythm.

How do you beat the algorithm is one of the questions Hidai and I get asked the most. What are the tricks? What are the shortcuts? What can you do to win against it?

And the answer is always the same - while it is important to know and understand the algorithm, and while it is true that there are some tips, best practices and conventions, the truth is that most of it is about being human - being nice, conversational, interesting, honest.
And maybe a bit loony :)

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