DLR Chamber Diversity, Inclusion & Volunteering 2023 Award

When we talk about writing on social media I always tell people that I would never go for the oh-so-cliché "I am honoured and excited" post, no matter what.
Mostly because I am very bad at following conventions and I have to be different.

But then comes the DLR Chamber and nominates us to an award in the category that is part of our business's core values, one of the main reasons we opened the business, and that we were really really hoping to get, and honestly, there is no better description than "honoured and excited".
And I will now have to stand here, hat in hand, and write exactly that 😀

So here it is -

Thank you DLR Chamber, Hidai and I are very honoured and excited to be nominated for the Diversity, Inclusion & Volunteering 2023 Award!

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