Exciting News! New Employee ūüėä

Very excited to welcome Mickey Marienfeld Ferdman to Ireland and to our growing company! 
It's a big step for our deliberately-small family business - originally we said unless your surname is "Degani" you can't be employed, but some rules are meant to be broken... 
Because while Orli Degani & I have substantial experience helping our clients identify, select & manage digital agencies and freelancers, we have seen an increasingly strong demand from our clients for a different solution, which is why we have decided to expand our offering and start providing hands-on digital services and end-to-end support.

And this is where Mickey comes in...

Mickey has over 15 years of marketing experience with a track record of success, including building her own full digital marketing agency, and we had the opportunity to work with her on several occasions for our Irish clients, and have her as a guest speaker in our Digital training courses multiple times.

She is a global expert in planning & executing digital marketing activities, with a specialty in organic (free) social media, including hands-on creation of engaging content (text, photos & videos) and its effective usage on all relevant channels (mainly Facebook, Instagram & TikTok).

In fact, Mickey is the one who "nudged" us to finally accept the inevitable power & growth of TikTok and its mobile video style, taught us how the platform works, which tools to use etc., and even helped us with our first TikTok videos - and for that we're forever grateful (or not, as we're all addicted to it now!).

More than that, she really lives & breathes social media, and one of the few people who can consistently create fun, interesting & moving content on it.

We were very happy to discover, when we approached her with the idea, that she is looking to make a change in her professional life and is looking for a new "business home" for herself and her clients, and a new home for her family in Ireland, following her previous visits, where she, like us, fell in love with this special green country & its amazing friendly people.

Exciting times ahead!

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