London Calling

Great to be able to hop to London from Dublin to be part of a client's big event and meet the team face to face - I love Zoom and it's very effective, but there is nothing like the chats, eating & drinking to build relationships, and the buzz & excitement of a room full of people. 

Airports are almost back to normal - no more crazy queues, but still many more flights delayed (including mine) & cancelled (luckily not mine), compared to pre-Covid days.

London has always been our (Orli & I) favourite city / metropolitan (even before we actually lived there), so I always like to visit, it just takes me a minute to get used to the size, pace & crowd! 
But this is London, and it's good to see it like that, regardless of whatever is happening around it in the world, it seems like a different universe.

Also I love flying - not getting to the airport, the security and the waiting around it (which in this case are longer than the flight itself), the actual part of being so high, above the clouds, with no ​internet ​connection, just listening to my playlist. It's a special time for me to take a breath, think, reflect, and dare I say relax, a little bit.

And then it's back to my desk, and all the rescheduled Zoom calls and emails which are waiting, playing catch-up for the rest of the week!
Still worth it :)

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