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Some people (Hidai) loves networking. They love it, enjoy it, are natural at it. Some people (me), never quite get there - digital or real world, it always feels not quite right.

But in December 2020 I attended a LinkedIn workshop by © Richard van der Blom, and I was so impressed that I did something I rarely do (even though you should do after every event. But I am more of a do as I say and not as I do kind of person), and I sent him a LinkedIn connection, which to my great surprise he accepted.
(Again, reminding myself that is the best practice when meeting people).

And then nothing happened.

Until about a month ago when I posted about my IITD certificate, when Richard mysteriously tagged Malte Zander.
In response, I totally ignored it, and sent Hidai to check it up.
It turns out Malte has a company called, that lets trainers issue virtual certificates for their courses.
Since we are about to launch our third Unlocking the Power of Digital Networking course with Siobhán Fitzpatrick, QBE and The Networking Hub in October,
I immediately did not connect with him.

Luckily Hidai did.

So now we have both a story with a moral (either digital network or have a Hidai to do it for you) and a really cool certificate for our courses!

Link to original post on LinkedIn

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