New event - Market benefits in Ireland & the E.U

Since leaving Israel almost 13 years ago, we've never lived anywhere for more than 2.5 years. 
Until we got to Ireland.

And this is why we are excited to be partnering with JB Upscale and IDA Ireland in this free online webinar, talking about the Irish market and its unique opportunities & benefits, both in general and specifically for Israeli companies.

Hidai will share from our own experience - about our 5 relocations in Europe, our decision to stay in Ireland, start our own business here and then growing it, and our work with Irish, Israeli & global companies and with the main Irish agencies & organisations, such as the Local Enterprise Offices, Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland.

Speaking of IDA (Ireland Development Agency), Ailbhe Earley will present the (many!) advantages of Ireland, its strong global rankings and how IDA attract & develop foreign investments.

And Jordan Kastrinsky will talk about growing companies globally, host & manage it all from Israel.

The live Zoom webinar will take place next Tuesday September 6th at 4pm Irish time / 6pm Israel time, and might be relevant to people & companies who are interested in learning more about one or more of the below:
- Increasing activity in Ireland and/or the EU
- Starting activity in Ireland
- Moving a company to Ireland
- Starting a business in Ireland
- The various supports & funding for all these options

More details and registration in the link:

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