New Frontiers Workshop - in person!

One of the programmes Hidai & I most admire here in Ireland for helping people start on a new road, build something new, realise their dreams, and all those things, is Enterprise Ireland's New Frontiers Programme.
That's why we were ecstatic earlier this week when, thanks to Gemma Purcell inviting us, we were lucky enough to be part of this amazing programme.

And after getting lost (twice) along the way, we visited (in person!! Who would have thought there is life, and people, outside Zoom?!) the Institute of Technology, Carlow to talk about The Art of Performance with the New Frontiers Phase 2 lovely group of participants.

I have to admit it was very weird to put on makeup, fancy(ish) clothes, drive around Ireland, sit with people in the same (ventilated, distantly-organised) room, and present without turning into a small square at the top of the screen.
It's been so long I think we kind of forgot that face-to-face is a valid way of life.
It was also great to actually be in the same room and have that vibe only face-to-face can give.

And luckily we are now back to Zoom, and we have 3 more weeks before we have to make our way back to Carlow and do it all again :)

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