New workshop - The Agile Mindset & Minimum Viable Products

Launching a new business, product or service is very hard, and often our own expectations of "having it all ready", "getting it right" or even "perfect", make it so big it becomes overwhelming, so we just keep delaying it, or just give up. 

What we found helpful, is slightly counter-intuitive at first: instead of going big and "all in" with the new idea, with a lot of time, effort & money, do the opposite and actually go small - with the quickest step possible, with whatever is "good enough", and take it from there, one step at a time, testing, learning & improving along the way.

In that way we minimise the risk, as we're only investing what is needed for the next step, worst case scenario we just stop and go back.
We're also making it less scary and much easier to handle, mentally & practically. 
This is especially true for times of high uncertainty, which we are still dealing with.

This simple concept (yet quite powerful) is unfortunately a little hidden behind the tech buzzwords "Agile" and "MVP" (Minimum Viable Product), but we think it actually applies to any business, and well, even to life.

And after discussing this topic with people in private and in universities & startups programmes, Orli & I are excited to bring it to a broader audience with Local Enterprise Office DLR, in a workshop which is open to anyone in Ireland -

Register today:

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