Planning ahead and packing suitcases

So we've started a company pension scheme this week.
For most people it might not be such a huge deal, but somewhere along the constantly moving around, we learned that if we book tickets months in advance, by the time we can actually use them, we'll probably have already moved country.
So we stopped planning for things more than a week in advance.

But then we opened a "serious" business, and suddenly we needed to decide things. Plan things. Build a business plan, a long term strategy, commit to people & plans & dates months ahead...
Basically all the things that make me want to close the business.
And move a country.
Just for the hell of it.

Because that's the thing about a business, isn't it? You constantly have to live in the here and the there, the what do I do today with the clients I have, tomorrow to get more business come in, and in the coming years to be able to retire.

O.H Degani Consultants Ltd. is celebrating 2 years of becoming a limited company in Ireland next month - celebrations will include cake of course, but they also included Hidai making me create a 1-5-10 years plan, which is how I found myself entering all upcoming courses dates in the calendar (Hidai said it's not jinxing it if we have a signed contract and people on the waiting list. I am not sure I believe him, but I went with "the things we do for love") and starting a pension scheme.
And probably why I spent the last few days on Amazon looking at suitcases.

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