Professors For a Day - Our LinkedIn workshop at UCD

It's not every day you get to have one of your secret dreams come true.
And I don't think it crossed Dr. Linda Dowling-Hetherington's mind when she invited us to talk to the students at UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School's Global Leadership Programme about LinkedIn, that ever since the first time I stepped inside a university (way back in Israel of 1999) and throughout the (really long) seven years I spent there, I harboured a secret dream of standing on the other side of the podium.

But since I was never good at working for other people (or with, if we're really honest here. Hidai is the only exception to the rule here), or doing as I am told, or staying in one place, it has always been one of the (very) few dreams I never got a chance to fulfil.

Until now!

And though I was sure I will not remember even one word in English, and that I don't even know anything about LinkedIn, and when I got back home all I remembered was that there were "about 2 or 3 people", it was truly a panic attack worth having :)

Thank you Dr. Linda Dowling-Hetherington and Jola Meagher for taking such excellent care of us (well me. Hidai didn't need any hand-holding), thank you Jennifer Barker for the patience and amazing photos, and thank you to all the lovely students who sat and listened to us talk for 4(!) hours and allowed us to feel like real professors for a day 😊


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