Training Certification Celebration

My Training Delivery & Evaluation certificate got here last Thursday, and I am just chuffed to bits 😊

I took the course because we decided to put a bigger emphasis on the training aspect of our services, and as I tell the kids - if you do something, you might as well do it well. And have a certificate to show for it.

But this was the first official, serious, organised course I took since I finished my masters in 2007, and the first ever in English, so I was a wee bit (fine. Extremely) nervous about my ability to even pass the course, not to mention do well in it...

Yet, here it is - my official certificate.

And so I feel I need to say thank you to the Irish Institute of Training & Development (IITD) and Una Fitzpatrick Cleary for the hard work behind the scenes, to John Gorman for delivering a really great course - I've learnt & implemented so much of it into my own training programmes.
And last (but never least) to Hidai, firstly for not leaving me (though I don't know why he would, I stayed calm and collected throughout), and also for the absolutely outrageous amounts of chocolate he and the kids kept feeding me.

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