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It's that time of the month again. No, not werewolf time (though we are very close to Halloween, so you never know), it's newsletter time. Now I know usually it's not the most interesting subject to write about, but as will surprise no one who ever asked me to do something, I don't like to do things in the normal way.
So instead of taking last month's newsletter and copy-pasting this month's content into it, I decided to re-invent the newsletter.

And as a first step I went to Hidai and casually mentioned to him that I've decided to add a tiny bit of extra content to the newsletter, so could he please have 2 completely new, never seen before videos with exclusive newsletter content ready by the weekend.
You know, as one does.
I think the fact that he did not divorce me on the spot is very surprising.
But more surprising is the fact that he actually did record them.
(And the fact that our marriage survived that Wednesday Of Fun, is also very surprising).

And then I spent over 20 hours trying to wrestle with Mailchimp to get the exact layout, design and functionality I wanted (while the kids made fun of me throughout just because I am physically incapable of giving up).

But after days of no sleep, no food (who am I kidding, I probably should have said excessive chocolate eating. Much more believable) and endless anxiety - it is here! Our New New-Newsletter.
It has two exclusive videos by Hidai, one exclusive post by me, and a new section for recommending cool digital tools.
It also has some extra stories, posts, photos and bits.
And only one mention of cakes (so good for dieting).

If you got all the way to the end of the post, and now you really really want to watch Hidai's videos (and get the newsletter to your doorstep), just register at the bottom of the page (or the tiny envelope at the bottom right corner) 


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