Wake Me Up When September Ends

Some months are supposed to be better. They are supposed to be easier, to flow, to lift you up. September is one of those months - maybe because the kids are back in school, maybe because everyone is back at work, and they want to maximise what’s left of the year, or maybe because it is also the month of the Jewish New Year.
But I suspect it is mostly because Bake Off is on.

So every year during summer, when there are so much pressure and expectations of what to eat, what to do, where to vacation, how to entertain the kids, and how much of it is Instagramable, I look forward to September.
New school year, new Jewish year, new season. 

Usual September vibe

Well, apparently September did not receive that memo.
And it has been, without a doubt, a horrible month. 

Of course there are very good global, national and local reasons for it -  war, inflation & the cost of living crisis, the Queen; then there are the health reasons, because of course I managed to spend most of it sick, with a toothache, a horrible flu, and a sinus infection; and then there are the work-related reasons - there was no September Boom, businesses we work with did not pick up immediately and automatically on September 1st, everyone were feeling the uncertainty.
It was much more Doom and Gloom than Hope and Opportunity.

So I cancelled Jewish New Year. 
Well, obviously not for the entire Jewish population, but even though it is one of my two favourite Jewish holidays (up there with Hanukkah) I just couldn’t do it. I couldn't put it into words, but I just couldn't think about celebrating. 
I told everyone the kids are too old, it's mid-week and we are watching what we eat. But it was all lies, the kids love holidays, it started on Sunday evening, and we've been living mostly on cakes for the past couple of months.
But the truth was I just couldn't see any reason to celebrate.

This September vibe

I know I am supposed to say something insightful, or inspiring, or at least positive, about how I changed my mind and we ended up celebrating in style. The truth is we didn't. Because some times are about putting your head down and remembering the only way forward is through.

But then we got two honey cakes, two types of honey cookies, and two boxes of chocolates, because Hidai reminded me of what is written on the first fridge magnet we bought together (and is still on the fridge) - when the going gets tough, the tough eat chocolate.

Our magnet 

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