Winning DLR Chamber Diversity, Inclusion & Volunteering 2023 Award!

Wow, what a night! Still buzzing, digesting & unpacking a very special moment in our business (& life)...

Will do my best, I'm not a great storyteller like Orli so it will be "bullet points style"...

Meeting so many of the amazing, hard-working & talented people we get to work with, most of them for the first time in person, was just a totally different feeling - I love Zoom calls but a drink, a laugh and a hug are just something with a whole different level of energy and human connection.

Some mentions below, most of them were caught in my selfies:
Willo & Stacey from Re-cycle Bikes (so deserved of their win)
Owen from (who got a special mention for a new business) 
Melissa & James from GastroLife Clinic (already seeing patients since this morning!)
Jill from Lush Marketing
Laragh from Wolf Medical
- Sanja Kocijasevic from Nutgrove Shopping Centre
Rachael from Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Chamber who organised this entire great event
Owen from the Local Enterprise Office DLR, without him and his team allowing us to be mentors & trainers we would probably never had the chance to meet all those people

We were shortlisted for 2 awards - the Professional Service Provider of the Year and the the Diversity, Inclusion & Volunteering Award, and honestly didn't believe we will win any of them, so actually winning the latter was just the icing on the cake!

That feeling when they call your name, you don't believe it at first, and then you go on stage and you realise you're actually shaking & speechless (yes, even me!), it's like being at the Oscars...

There are hard times for any business, including our own, and there are days you doubt yourself, but nights like these remind us of the purpose of it all, and the value we bring, even if we sometimes can't fully realise it.

Because at the end of the day, it was, it is, and it will always will be, about (helping) people.





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