Working ON the business or IN the business

One of the main lessons we took with us from 2022 is that every business, even a small business, even a one-person business, has an employee, a manager and a director / shareholder / owner.
They might be the same person, but for the business to continue, and especially to grow, they all have to exist. Because it is not just about woking IN the business, it is also about working ON the business.
Most of the times it all goes smoothly, but then there are months when we become buried under a pile of work, family and operational stuff, and we run the risk of losing that roles division, and as a result both of us will turn into full "employee mode" and there will be no one left to navigate the ship. 
Stopping this crazy race and dedicating the time to each activity is never an easy thing, to be honest sometimes it feels near impossible. But at the same time this is what makes stopping essential.

Because when we don't, there is the risk of losing the forest, putting in the glass ceiling ourselves, and just reaching the burnout point. 

But stopping doesn't mean taking time off, it is taking time to take care of the big picture - in the business and in life - setting goals, priorities, and the plan in motion.

I know Hidai and I are not the only people who feel this way, but in the last few months we found ourselves spinning around like a hamster on a particularly crazy on-again / off-again wheel, and we had to take conscious and deliberate action to get off it.
Which is why we've developed this new workshop together with LEO DLR, to hopefully help other people get off that very same wheel, and have some extra peace of mind.
Or at least piece of cake :) 


For more details on the workshop click here 
But basically it is a 3 hours Zoom workshop (with a coffee and cake break of course), on Wednesday April 19th and it is open for everyone in Ireland. 

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