Content, Commitment, and our new Newsletter

I've been struggling for a long time with the idea of Content Creation.
On the one hand, it's a great tool for professional credibility, for brand building and for personal growth. Also, I love writing. 
On the other hand, to be successful in content creation you need quite a few Cs - Content, Context, Communication, Concept, Clarity, Current, and Compelling, which I am kind of fine with, but you also need the last C, the one that belongs to Consistent. And here lies the real problem.
Because for me consistent equal commitment.

And I am not a huge fan of commitment.
Seeing how Hidai and I are about to celebrate our 19 years of marriage in a couple of months it might sound weird, but other than Hidai, my only real commitment is to the big red box that holds all our "secret" chocolate. 
In all other areas, I avoid long-term commitment like I avoid... Well, like I avoid physical exercise :) 

If we add to that the fact that I don't do well with creating anything resembling professional content, Hidai's inability to write anything that doesn't have bullet points in it, and my deep-rooted insecurities (you know, the who cares what you have to say ones), and it is really no wonder that I have compiled a huge list of excuses as to why our company doesn't have an organised, coherent and consistent content plan. 

Well, as part of my new tackling things head on strategy, I've decided to commit to a content plan - 2 posts a week, one more professional and one more personal. 
Right now it's week 3 and if I am lucky I will finish and post this post, which is neither (or both?).

So I've also decided it's time to add a monthly(ish) company newsletter, which I will be very thankful to you if you subscribe to here -
Because you like us and want to hear all about our news, stories, posts, and new courses, events & workshops,
but mostly because it will force me to either actually follow through on my new content commitment or feel that I am letting everyone down. After all, there is no bigger (or better) motivator than Guilt. 

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